A Daughter's Tale Pankh


A Daughter's Tale Pankh

Vidya (Nishigandha Wad) leaves her marital home after she is asked to abort her third female foetus in her womb as she has two daughters earlier. She delivers her third daughter and raises all of them. While the eldest, Riya (Surbhi Kakkar), becomes a journalist, Pragati (Pooja Dixit) becomes a lawyer. The youngest Pankhi (Ragini Dixit), is a film actress. Pragati is fighting a rape case in court, in which Riya is a prime witness. Coincidentally, the rapist Karan Singh is none other than the step brother of Riya, Pragati and Pankhi and the son of Suraj Singh (Mehul Buch). Suraj Singh’s father (Sudhir Pandey) tries his best to save Karan and decides to kill Riya. Suraj however finds about his relationship with Riya and tells his father to refrain from killing Riya. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


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