Abhiraj Malhotra (Narendra Jha) is a successful businessman and a widower. He fully focuses on his work after his wife Sunita (Monika Ravan) passed away. At this point, Maatun (Urmila Mahanta) lands up a job in Abhiraj’s office, thanks to help from Suraj (Zaid Shaikh). In no time, Maatun gets attracted to Abhiraj and both end up having physical relations. He is apprehensive at first about getting involved with a younger girl but nevertheless, he falls for Maatun. But one day he finds out that Maatun doesn’t actually love Abhiraj. She is in cahoots with Suraj and the plan is that Maatun will get married to Abhiraj and usurp his property. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


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